Quenum talks about his 20 years of experiences in the electronic music industry: raised in Africa, he first started spinning records in Paris in the late ’80s, before moving to London and mastering the art of djing in the club scene of the mid-ninties; Geneve and his friendship with Luciano, with whom he co-founded Cadenza label, until his today’s debut album “Face to Face” release; his best inspirations and the new upcoming projects with Cesare vs Disorder and the Serialism family.

A False Manners Production
Camera: Fernanda Mattos
Editing and Post-production: Fernanda Mattos & Federica Marchese
Appearances: Cesare Marchese, Sandra Wolf
Translation: Sandra Wolf
Subtitles: Benoit Martin

Tracklist from the album “Face to Face”:

“My People”
“Father and Son”
“Children of the Sun”
“Face to Face”