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Artist: Loquace
Release Title: Transitions EP (Mike Shannon remix)
Format: Vinyl + Digi
Cat.N.: SER036
Release date:  31.05.2016



A1. Keep Your Seat Belt
A2. Bouzouk
B1. Bouzouk – (Mike Shannon Trip De Bouzak)
B2. Tempura
Digital  bonus: Plume de Paon

release info

Cesare  vs  Disorder’s  influential  Berlin  label  Serialism  is  back  with  a  new  release  from  Loquace.  The  French  DJ  and  producer serves  up  three compelling  cuts  (+1  digi  bonus)  that  get  remixed  in  style  by  Canadian  master Mike Shannon.

Loquace   has   risen   to   the   top   since   he   debuted   in   2012.   His   groove   driven, poly-rhythmic  electronic  style  is  loose,  fluid  and  funky  and  has  come  on  labels  like  Kina,  Tabla  and  Upon  You.  Once  again  here  he  impresses  with  his intricate  studio  skills  and  knack  for  layering  up  infectious  house  and  tech  gold.

Keep  Your  Seat  Belt  is  a  wicked  mix  of  loopy  sub  bass  and  off  time  hits  and  hats  that  makes  you  want  to  shake  your  every  limb.  It  is  detailed and  dense  yet  infectious  and  inviting  and  open  things  in  fine  style.  Bouzouk  picks  up  the  pace  with  slinky  and  silky  drums  and  hits  coalescing into  a  bubbling,  bristling  groove  that  is  perfect  for  back  room  and   basements.   Remixing   this   one   is   long   time   techno   legend   and   Cynosure and   Hunt   label   owner   Mike  Shannon.  He  strips  things back  to  a  bumpy  groove  of  textured  hits  and  scurrying  drums  that  will  find  its  way  into the  hearts  and  minds  of  many  top  DJs  and  dancers.

Tempura  is  darker  and  loopier,  rugged  and  intense  with  cycling  drums  and  clever  filters  adding  dynamism  and  pressurised  electronic  funk  to proceedings.  It  is  a  perfectly  woven  track  before  digital bonus  Plume  de  Paon  rounds  out  the  EP  in  militant  style.  Expertly  crafted to  make  you want  to  move,  it  is  the  final  piece  of  this  great  jigsaw and  makes,  like  all  the  cuts  here,  for  perfect  dancing music.