SER030_all cover_HR

Release Title: The Wake Up Ep
Format: 12” + Digi
Cat.N.: SER030
Release date: 12” –  20.04.2015


A1.  The Wake Up
A2.  Down G
B1.  The Wake Up (ALEXI DELANO Remix)
B2.  Trollops and Cherubim
Digi. Hooker’s Manifesto


American native musician, based between the flourishing Berlin and the wonderful Bali, Walker Barnard is a true special artist. After his successfull “Sweatshop Spaceship Ep”, released on Serialism in 2013, he is back with a fantastic 4 tracker ep of mesmerizing, elegant, soulful, psychedelic, yet minimal Funk. “The Wake Up Ep” includes also a killer, bumpy remix by techno legend and family friend Alexi Delano, besides an original bonus track (“Hooker’s Manifesto”), available only digital. Another piece of Art, we call it..