A1. “Full Range” – 8:09
B1. “Half Baked” (Vinyl Edit) – 6:56
B2. “Half Baked” (Maceo Plex Deep Remix) – 7:35
Digi 1. “Half Baked” (Maceo Plex Groove Remix) – 9:39
Digi 2. “Half Baked” (Extended Edit) – 8:54
Digi 3. “Red Day” – 9:13

Release Info

Jin Choi is a musician, producer, DJ and live artist based in Berlin, Germany. Equally focused on groove and melodic structures, his music fuses electronic and naturalistic sounds to move the head and body. Once coined modern minimal, Choi’s productions are equal parts emotion, melody and rhythm. “Full Range” is his first release on Serialism Records, the London/Berlin based label that was founded by Cesare Marchese (Dj/Producer Cesare vs Disorder) with Stefano Pellegrini. The label is currently handled by Marchese & Federico Benedetti aka Onirik.
In a recent interview, Choi described himself as a Burial loving music-nerd who is simply trying to create his own musical language. He has released on Lessizmore, Contexterrior, RomanPhoto & Archipel, to name a few. For SER10, he joins forces with Maceo Plex (aka Maetrik, the moniker he saves for his darker techno productions) to do just that. Most known for his recent revered deep-house single, “Vibe Your Love” on Crosstown, Plex makes the release the perfect late-night tool.
First up is “Full Range”, a dubby tech-house number with ominous and increasingly glitchy repetitive vocals that remind the listener of what Choi seems to already know – “music is the universal language, music is no longer irrelevant”.
Next, “Half Baked”, the EP’s star, manages to perfectly fuse industrial sounds with melody making a blissed-out, deep-house track. Mysterious squeaks, hisses and factorial inner workings provide the backdrop while warm time-stretched freestyle vocals guide us through the production. This track gets the most attention with two different remixes by Maceo Plex. The Groove Remix is a darker, more up-tempo affair providing the groove needed to make this the perfect peak-time track for a late-night tipsy sway on the dancefloor. Pitched down, looped vocals and driving synths provide the anchor. The Deep Remix is around 9-minutes of Chicago house inspired sounds layered with snappy high hats and emotive chords. The EP also comes complete with an extended edit of Half Baked.
Rounding out the EP is “Red Day”. A jazzy production that shows off Choi’s ability at mixing the machine with the heart; wrench-like clinking and clattering punctuate the melancholy (yet upbeat) progression of the track while the melody twists, bends and whirls.