side to side cover Before Everything Else SER 37

Artist: Various Artists – Compilation 2016 Serialism, compiled by Cesare vs Disorder 
Release Title: Before Everything Else Vol. 2
Format: Digital
Cat.N.: SER037
Release date:  20.12.2016


01 Akiko Kyama - Gavotte I
02 DoubtingThomas -  Alcaline
03 Loquace - All with nothing
04 Frank Haag - Even Though It Was Late In Their Time Together
05 Elon – The Magic number
06 Mike Shannon – To the ounce
07 Kreon – Trucett
08 Monika Ross - Magnetism
09 Frank Storm – Splinter
10 Rick Maia & Lifer – Not Here
11 Organic Flow – Different times
12 Anthony Constans - Behanzin
13 From Karaoke To Stardom – LovE iS a fOur lEttEr SwOrd
14 Jack on Black – Captain Scarlett
15  Weg & Carone - Helles


Serialism Records head honcho Cesare Vs Disorder, returns with his 2nd ”Before Everything Else” mixtape series. Another impressive selection of 15 exclusive tracks from Akiko Kyama, Mike Shannon, Kreon, DoubtingThomas, Loquace, Frank Haag, Elon, Frank Storm, From Karaoke To Stardom, Rick Maia & Lifer, Anthony Constans, Organic Flow, Weg & Carone, Monika Ross and Jack On Black mixed flawlessly as a journey. These gems have been played all over the world last summer and finally see their release on 20th December 2016.