Born in 1990, originally from Niscemi, a colorful and picturesque small town of Sicily in Italy, Salvo Castelli is currently based in Berlin.
Despite the young age, with his refined selection of records and his technique, Salvo knows how to bring the music into a new dimension.
His sound is deeply rooted into dub and atmospheric techno, his melodic tracks always take us on a trippy and spaced-out excursion to new mesmerizing
sound galaxies.
Releases on labels like Blackrose Records or House Republic and the creation of his own label Wet Cellar Records in 2013, made him to one of the most interesting
and promising italian producers in the electronic scene.
Having participated at national and international events, he is the new target by major labels and organizations.
He played in many renown clubs in Italy and around Europe: Macarena Microclub (Barcelona), Sonido (London), Amnesia (Milan), Bolliwood Dancing (Oslo), East Ender- Sonar (Barcelona), The Egg (London), Ghoa (Barcelona), to name a few.
Salvo Castelli already collaborated with respected artists all over the world like Shaun Reeves, Dani Casano, Dj Wild, Jorge Savoretti, Marco Zenker ecc.
We  will  definitely  hear  a  lot  from  Salvo  Castelli  in  the  future  and  we  are  more   than  happy  to  welcome  this  young  talent  on  the  Serialism  roster.